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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 1, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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fairfield and livermore will be your hardest hit. as you can see, we will still have sustained winds of about 20 to 45 mi. per hour and that
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is bay area wide. if you are above 1,000 ft. we can to the wind gusts of about 50 to 75 mph. this is through the east bay hills and the north bay hills this is where we will see the wind gusts that strong. we will see more down trees and more power outages today as well. for your highs, we're looking at mid 60 degrees, 65 another view, 62 and redwood city, 65 and oakland, 60 in hayward, 61 for livermore and 59 for antioch. in the north bay we have mid-60's degrees. >>reporter: for your kron4 seven day around the forecast we do have windy conditions today that will last into friday in this weekend is still little bit breezy but nothing like what we will see today. it will start to taper off by mid week and we will have sunny and mild conditions. the morning erica.
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>>erica: good morning then i had problems with the wind and i'm in san francisco and even i encountered down trees and branches out there. it looks like everyone is in it together. we have a live look that the bay bridge toll plaza where there are high wind advisories for all the bay area bridges and excluding the antioch bridge. regardless, traffic is moving well. drive with extra caution up the incline and across the upper deck. over at the san mateo bridge, the message sign has been turned on to reflect the strong winds, you can certainly see the camera checking around. this drive is running at 13 minutes from in to end. here at the golden gate bridge south bound 101 you can see a couple headlight's making their way into san francisco. usually this cameras for the stable but if you look closely you can see it checking around as well. drive with extra caution especially if you are in a high-profile vehicle this morning because the bridges could be especially dangerous throughout the morning hours.
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>>justine: this windy weather means the potential for down fire lines that could cause a fire. as a result the senate extra crews with the equipment are on alert until the wind backs off. >> and the wind is sapote pretty strong probably one of the stronger offshore events that we have had in quite a few years in the bay area. i do not know the words--i do not know it we are necessarily concerned about fire danger as much as power lines coming down or someone had an unintended debris burned that may go out into the wild land. >>justine: he says his crews to be on call for duty with the fire danger is even greater as a result of the fierce wind. >>james: we have another
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developing story, we have a picture of the youngest victim of the seven shot and open this week. this is hiram lawrence the child was shot in the head while in his father's arms. we have been following this story for the past couple of days we have surveillance video of the shooting shooters open fire at a parking lot where a music video was being filmed the police are trying to figure out the identities of the suspects. meantime young hiram remains in critical condition the family tells us that the child is improving in health. >>reporter: two days after receiving a nearly fatal gunshot wound to the head, one-year-old hiram lawrence remain central condition at children's hospital in oakland. his father, hiram sr. says that his son is now responding to the sound of his voice. >> what i was printed here and talk to me lives up and moved his feet and arms. we
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have to keep him going, we have to keep praying for him. mom says her son is fighting to stay alive. >> he is fighting my baby is not dead i do not know who started that the jews pray for my baby. he is 1 years old and this did not have to happen. >>reporter: family members are maintaining a round-the- clock presence here that includes hiram's 93 year old grandmother. >> we just ask your prayers to pray for the entire family. >>reporter: the family says the they're praying for peace and no talk of retaliation here. >> i want peace i do not want any violence i'm not worried about retaliation we are worried about him coming out of the hospital that is the only thing that matters to us. >>justine: friends and members of the community gathered and was open to show their support for the seven victims in monday night shooting. several dozen people showed up for the candlelight vigil that was held in the same parking lot of the shootout. people
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formed a prayer circle calling for healing and an end to the violence. as far as the investigation the police have not identified any suspects and their continuing to call on the public for information. we have to take a quick break on the kron4 morning news is a windy thursday out there on the first day of december as we see what is happening over the james lick freeway from our camera. we are getting information from pg&e about how many people are without power. we will tell you that when the kron4 morning news comes right back.
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>>reporter: he is off and running. >> the 2012 campaign is underway the outcome will depend not on what i do the what you do. >>reporter: the president's reelection campaign launch its first at looking for volunteers. the dnc also put out this at resembling a movie trailer. >> the story of two men trapped in one body. it is heading republican rival mit romney as a flip-flop. today, the president was campaigning in pennsylvania. >> it is good to be back in strand. this is one of many battle states he has been in to promote his job plans. >> it is good to be back in asheville north carolina! >> is great to be back in
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virginia. during his third year in office the president has held 55 evens in swing states more than any other president according to the wall street journal. republicans are hitting him saying that he is campaigning on the taxpayers' dime, but the white house denies that the travel is political. every president should be able to travel everywhere in the country is a part of his responsibilities serving the american people to get out and be among them and to speak with them about his agenda or her agenda. this president will continue to do that. republican strategists alex says the president should be out on the campaign trail. >> nothing is getting done in washington from now until next november so it is not too early for the president to get out there to start campaigning. he also says that it is understandable the white house is resistant to calling will looks and sounds like political events, political. >> i think the president is caught in a catch-22 that is because he is running
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against the politics in washington he says that is what prevents anything from getting done. but then he goes out there and becomes political and that is open to the charge of hypocrisy and that is what he is trying to avoid. >>reporter: president of travel does come at a hefty price tag which is legal but it does not always sit well with voters. >>justine: will tran talk with pg&e about how many people are still without power, about 1200 in the peninsula the same the said. no one is without power in san francisco and pg&e says that they hope to have the area's restored by 8:00 a.m. or sometime this morning--or sometime this afternoon that is a pretty wide window. we will keep you updated on weather and more after this break.
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>>reporter: the morning, for your highs, we have mostly mid-60s. swinging up to the north bay, we will have similar conditions there is will it is pretty mild. 63 navato, 61 in richmond, 61
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in napa and 63 degrees expected later on today for san francisco. now for your kron4 seven day forecast we discussed the wind it will be very strong that continues to tomorrow and through the weekend. it is mostly breezy the still cool conditions. that continues into early next week. the wind may start to subside but it is still pretty chilly temperatures. erica house traffic looking? >>erica: good morning fortunately we do not have any hot spots to tell you about but looks like everyone is in it together with the wind. we have strong wind advisories. taking it outside to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is light coming from all three of the approaches, there is no way at the toll plaza flats but the wind gusts around the incline and across the upper deck. you'll want to drive with extra caution keep both hands on the steering wheel. over at the san mateo bridge, the metering signs
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have been shown to reflect the wind out there. you can see traffic and the right- hand side of your screen in taking over to the golden gate bridge south bound 101. this drive time is of the 23 minutes coming out of a bottle toward san francisco. i do want to bring your attention to the traffic map is focusing on is the conditions. highway 4 is a nice and easy ride coming out and got four tickets for this morning. if you are taking west bound 24, it is accident free and a clear shot through the tunnel and towards the macarthur maze. >>justine: thousands of people came to pay their respects to a fall of vallejo police officer a very large crowd packed into the stadium at vallejo high- school to honor officer and former marine james capoot. he was gunned down two weeks ago during an attempted bank robbery. teresa estacio was there as law-enforcement, friends and family on the
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officer. >>reporter: one by one, fell officers, family members and friends spoke from the heart about losing officer jim capoot and what he meant to them and so many others. >> he was a yes sir, no sir, no excuse sir kind of guy. he was trustworthy, he made me a better sgt by having him under our wing. >>reporter: he coached a girls basketball team at vallejo i school. >> it is not in wins or losses that a coach makes his or her marks but it is in a the legacy they leave and behind me is his legacy. >>reporter: his three daughters all proudly spoke about their father. >> my dad was a marine, he was a police officer but he was different from the rest.
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he was special. i have never met someone like him. i am hopeful that i can live a life that he would be proud of and i will. i could go on forever about him and how much he meant to me and taught me. >>reporter: the nearly two- hour funeral ended with a flagging given to the family as well they fly over. in vallejo i'm teresa estacio with kron4 news. >>james: in danville the body of lance corporal joshua low morale was carried by marines yesterday. he was only 19 years old and he was killed during combat operations in afghanistan on november 18th. another fallen member of the military from san jose. the public is invited to pay their respects to sean walsh at 9:00 a.m. this morning. the national guard
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specialists died in afghanistan on november 16th. he was a part of the military police and his tour was almost over in fact he had less than one month to go before his unit was scheduled to return home. his funeral is set for this saturday. >>justine: this morning billy graham's and in north carolina hospital being treated for a long that element. the 93 year-old was committed to the hospital yesterday in asheville. he is reportedly alert and smiling and waving to hospital staff he was hospitalized back in may for pneumonia. right now we're a hearing that he is in stable condition. new details about a deadly toxin that has been found and fruit juice, a new study finds 10 percent of juices sample had levels of arsenic which exceeded the allowable limits for drinking water. the study found mostly inorganic parsonage that is said to be a link to cancer. the food and drug administration has said that most arsenate induces is organic and is
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potentially harmless. so far there is no standard for arsenate in juices and other foods. >>james: we will take a break and go outside and give you a look from our camera. i believe the san francisco on market street. it is a blustery morning. we have highway warnings and advisories in effect we will keep you updated on the weather throughout the course of the date we will be right back. @ @ @ @ñ
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>>stanley: at this church, the thieves stole $39 worth of copper from each of the air conditioning. to replace them because the church $35,000 not to miss in this
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cost of securing them. >> on the third week of august we have five and the yards of copper electrical wire cut and removed from the church that powered the entire building. >>stanley: now wants, but twice it happen again two weeks later are you outraged yet? there is still more. >> we had a great deal of our new landscaping stolen from our new parking lot. >>stanley: you stay here last night? >> last night had not slept for 24 hours. >>stanley: and you stay out here to why? >> to keep people out so we do not have any more thefts. >>stanley: their use to be a time when churches were considered sacred i guess that was then and this is now. antioch i am stanley roberts kron4 news. >>james: if you have any comments, give them your thought or any story suggestions let him know by
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sending him and even help. you always reach out to him on facebook at his page on kron4. >>justine: we'll take a break at the kron4 morning news our camera is situated at the top of mt. tam showing how windy it is out there today. we will talk more about power outages and when the breezy weather will calm down with kron4 morning news comes right back.
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>>james: we have a triple view for you this morning. on the left this to the overnight hours and on the right, this is what the when looking--this is what the wind looks like. in the
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north bay we have 145 customers without power. this morning we will let you know when pg&e gets back restored. >>justine: so far there are no outages in san francisco we have a camera situated there. we have yolie downtown showing us the preconditions.--showing us the breezy conditions. >>reporter: it is pretty strong not view to to the trees blowing pretty hard. i am taking refuge on the side of my van, when you walk out the full force of the wind and you feel like you're getting pushed along. it is very windy and very strong out here. you can see this garbage can that so over on this side distich couple moments ago. it is just being pushed around by the wind, but it
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is very strong down here on the downtown area of san francisco. be prepared to bundle up and really have your scarf around your face because the wind does cut right across the skin, it is just so when the and so strong but not as cold as i expect it to be, but nonetheless the wind does get a chill factor. >>justine: definitely a little more bearable since it is considerably more out today. others in the garbage can and whistleblowing around heavy seen any other damage? >>reporter: no damage, it's a lot of trees blowing and it leaves and you can see the people sometimes when they're walking along all of a sudden a gust of wind will kind of push them and then you could see them get knocked off a little off balance. but you really feel the force of the wind as you are walking down market street. >>justine: ok, so we are
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seeing all this wind through the conditions out there this morning and we're also talking about the temperatures, let us go to our forecast. >>reporter: we have pretty clear conditions this is the walnut creek camera. this time yesterday we cannot see anything at this time, but it is the can see some headlines. we have been talking about the strong wind that will last off route the day. they should start to subside by tonight we should have mostly clear but still breathing conditions in fact into friday and into this we can we will still be looking at those windy conditions. looking at our current condition for the wind speeds, 22 miles per hour at sfo when still very quick winds out in fairfield in livermore where we are breaking 20 mi. per hour. check out los gatos, 33 miles per hour. very windy conditions out there also as we just saw from yolie. we have sustained winds expected.
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>>reporter: for now are high temperatures around the bay are looking pretty good. once you factor in the wind chill i think will fill a lot cooler than what this is indicating. take a look. >>reporter: for your seven day around the bay forecast to our strong winds but that should settle down by this weekend. early next week we look like we're in pretty
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good shape. very clear skies and not a bottle he we are looking at those '60s around the bay for early next week. erica how're we doing on traffic? >>erica: good morning dan, we are looking live at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is still live in a handful of cars are making their way out oakland for san francisco. the chp has issued a strong wind advisory for all their bridges, the antioch bridge is the only one that is not affected. if you look closely you can see the cameras checking around. fortunately there are no axes to report. this drive is running under 40 minutes between 80 and highway 101. this camera on the golden gate bridge is usually pretty stable but even this one is checking around. there is a lot of space in between cars, however no major accidents reported and
4:36 am
taking over to the traffic match to focus in on conditions in the peninsula this morning. the bayshore freeway is looking good in both directions of the green on your screen indicates beads over 50 mph. it looks like interstate 280 is moving very well in both directions the chp has no access to report. you want to drive with extra caution and if you are sitting across the dunbar in either direction the chp also has a high wind advisory for that particular bridge as well. >>james: that you erica, and we do have windy weather out there as a result, extra crews with their equipment are on alert until the when backs off. that on the winds are supposed to be pretty strong, probably one of the stronger offshore events that we have had in quite a few years here in the bay area. i did not know that we are necessarily concerned about fire danger as much as
4:37 am
we are concerned about power lines coming down and someone that might had had an unattended debris burned that might have blown back to the wild land. >>james: he says that his crews could be called on for duty in southern california with down there the fire danger is even greater. >>justine: other news around the bay the bart board of directors are said to to vote on a cellphone server shutdown policy this morning the decision was delayed back in october after several bart directors expected some concern about the language and disposal. for the group initially said the agency should only shutdown of service during extraordinary events such as a phyllis attack. some members were concerned that it left too much room for interpretation bart has faced criticism since its decision to shut down cellphone service and for-- in four san francisco
4:38 am
stations in august to prevent a planned protest. >>james: seven people shot in oakland monday night, you may remember the story reported earlier this week. this is a picture of the youngest victim he is one year old hiram lawrence. the child was shot in the head while in his father's arms, the family now says that he is responding to the sound of their voice. in the meantime, friends and family members of the community are gathered in west oakland to show their support for the victims of monday night shooting this is in the parking lot that the shooting occurred several people showed up to the candlelight vigil was held in the same eerie with a shootout happened. residents formed a prayer circle calling for healing and into the violence as far as the investigation, police still have no motive for the shooting. they also have not identified any suspects. they're calling on the public for any information. will take a break and be right back with more in a minute. have a live look at the james lick freeway. from
4:39 am
this shot, you will notice the big difference over yet today the fact that it is clear but it is clear because every strong winds out there. this morning we will be talking about that further in just a little bit.
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>>james: officials say plane instructor in her '30's who was injured and this flight near seattle. >>justine: penn state is going to have to fight its first lawsuit over child
4:42 am
abuse charges against sandusky. >> sandusky was a part of the penn state family, we all are and i feel ashamed. >>reporter: this trial brought students and school officials together as well as community--people in the community late last night. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing eight boys. the lawsuit is from a ninth alleged victim, a 29 year- old man that says a sandusky abuse to more than 100 times in the '90s. >> he also began to course this child--coerse this ciao to satisfy his own sexual impulses
4:43 am
that he cannot control. >> a man he said he with his mother and brother said that he was not a victimless and the young man said he was a boy in the showers as far as he knew but he was not engage in any sexual acts with gary firth--with jerry. >>justine: he is free on $100,000 bail, he is charged with 40 counts related to the alleged sexual abuse cases and he does deny the allegations. >>james: we will take a break and have a live look from mt. tam, one of the camera's there really illustrates how strong the winds are especially as you can hire into the hills where this camera is position. it almost makes you knossos to look at a that is how strong the winds are. we will talk more about that coming up on the other side of this break.
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>> mark: good morning we are live from mt. tam, look to
5:00 am
camera shaking violently let us go to the weather camera and delays from the morning strong wind. first we will go to jackie so he is walking things out in the opening. >>reporter: the morning mark i must have a good because the wind is not too bad up here i am open oakland hills looking down at the city of san francisco. you probably cannot hear any wind in my microphone that's because we did the wind gusts them both to periodically before the most are i will call it breezy at this point. i came over from the north bay this morning where i was almost bombing i would guess it is in the high fifties over there. there was almost no wind down lower obvious the from the shot that you just showed, the wind is still very strong at the higher elevations. we did experience some heavy winds on that bridge but for the most part right now seems like it has calmed down. >> mark: thank you for that update, and we saw some wind
5:01 am
gusts up to 45 miles per hour. >> darya: yes, i thought i live in a wind tunnel. i was wondering if my house was going to fall down. >>james: depending on where you are, the wind could really be intensified through your neighborhood. mount tancam is one example of what it looks like you live higher up in elevation a lot really strong wind gusts. that is nothing compared to what we saw not diablo. it is 71 mph. >> darya: wow! >>james: yes, it is pretty intense out there. this is what the winds these look like right now. we will have wind gusts up to 40 to 50 mi. per hour at times. be ready for a blustery ride as you head out the door this morning. i know my own
5:02 am
neighborhood i saw trash cans knocked over a lot of leaves and place in the streets be careful as you are driving around. >>james: in any event, 20 to 45 mouth our sustained winds. when a gust up to 50 to 75 miles per hour. we have already had some trees and limbs come down in the overnight hours. the genie is out there trying to get power restored we are reporting power outages in the east bay in the south bay. will talk more about that throughout the morning. we have some wind advisories for the bridges, i know that iraq is going to be chatting about that in a minute. 7 a.m. is where we have the future for a cassette, this is an animation project and how the wind gust should go as we go drop today. we're looking at pretty substantial wind up near fairfield and san francisco even oakland and san jose.
5:03 am
will push the clock forward till about noon. 38 mouth of our wins with wind gusts even higher than that. that san ramon valley extent-- that san ramon valley has wins coming in the delta and just shooting through there. by 5:00 p.m. as she drive home from work we are dealing with a fairly substantial wins. i know the advisory in the morning is set to expire at 6:00 p.m. the watch as i pushed o'clock until about 8:00 p.m. we are dealing with strong winds do not be surprised if the advisories and warnings extended to tomorrow because friday will be another windy day for us. at 11:00 p.m. we are still dealing with high winds brought the entire bay area be ready for a windy day all day today. the temperatures are mild, it is 45 in concord in hayward, 45 in a bottle and then in antioch and 47 right now san jose. the highs this afternoon will like this about 65:00 looking for low
5:04 am
to mid '60's generally across most of the bay. this is a north wind that is coming across the sacramento valley. a key to the more warm side as opposed to the ocean when that tends to walk close down.--that often close us down. saturday and sunday we are ok. all right, that is a weather let us find out how the wind is shaking up your drive this morning. >>erica: fortunately we do not have the hot spots are major accidents to talk about the chp has issued strong advisory for all bay area bridges and except for the antioch bridge we have been good with no major problems or delays. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows great conditions come from all three of the approaches. me ring lights are pretty cycle often the traffic is moving pretty well up the incline and across the upper deck. over
5:05 am
at the san mateo bridge, the change message signed has been turned on the the the strong winds. if you look closely you to see the camera checking around the drive is running under 14 minutes from in to end. here at the golden gate bridge south bound 101 yes it is affected by the strong wind advisory as well. we see the strong wind for your ride coming out of marin county. this is under 23 minutes coming out of navato toward city limits. i want to bring your attention to our traffic maps because here in san francisco fire crews and emergency crews are on the scene of working a two alarm fire. destructor fire a purely an apartment building at 21st and valencia. we are sending yolie to the scene so hopefully will have more information coming up in one of my future reports. >> darya: because of the gusty winds that we are seeing this morning and overnight, there are a few thousand people still left without power at last check in the peninsula. about 1200
5:06 am
have no power and in the east bay 1200. electricity is out in the north bay just a handful, about 145 homes and businesses affected. no customers are affected in san francisco the crews are hoping to have everyone back up and running and restored by 8:00 p.m. we will keep you posted. if you know someone in one of the areas and you are not in your watch mtv you may want to give them a wake-up call just in case there arm is not working this morning. >> mark: a developing story out of san francisco were occupy us at members are bracing for it and 8:00 deadline to tack a sentence at justin herman plaza. city leaders of polls--proposed that they moved to a new site in the mission district. it will give them access for the tens, and two bathrooms. but they declined it. officials say this is a public health nuisance we will keep monitoring the situation and bring you the latest updates for occupy
5:07 am
sf. >> darya: in oakland a one- year-old boy is improving after being shot on monday night. the one-year-old hiram lawrence was shot and wounded along with six other people in a parking lot where a music video was being filmed. this is the young victim here. and this is the vigil that was in the parking lot where the shoe that happen. people formed a prayer circle there. and all the boy's parents are asking for is prayers. >> when i whispered in his ear i talk with him he lifted up and move his feet and arms, so we have to keep him going, we have to keep praying for him. >> i do not when any vinous hon not worry about retaliation we're worried about him coming out of the hospital that is the only thing that matters to us. >> my baby is not dead i do not know who started that, just pray for my baby is 1 years old and this did not have to happen. >> darya: police are hoping
5:08 am
that surveillance video that was captured from a nearby liquor store will help to identify the suspect vehicle you can see the shooters with the could on and they are looking for those people. >> mark: we will be right back at the kron4 morning news continues. a live look from the mount tancam shaking violently is at 2,300 ft.. we have seen when a gust up to 71 mi. per hour on mount diablo. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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>> mark: central banks have asked to lower the borrowing costs. the dow was up 490. with a big surge at the end of the day that was over 4.2%. this was their biggest gain since march of 2009 and it was the seventh largest gain of all time. the s&p
5:12 am
was up 22. the nasdaq was up 105 at 4.2% closing at 2620. right now the dow features are flat. will get a lot of economic reports coming out. the labor department is releasing the weekly jobless figures that is coming out and about 15 minutes. will get reports from retailers with november sales numbers with start of the holiday shopping season off to a strong start. the commerce department will come out with the october construction spending will watch for those this morning. >> darya: republicans and democrats are heading to a face-off on the payroll tax cut in gave family is an extra $1,000 this year.
5:13 am
school a.m., it is windy outside. when was looking hard as a schick's our camera. we will be right back.
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the diablo winds. james fletcher has more on the high fire danger around the state. >>james: we have a fire danger. look at the colors.
5:18 am
we spoke with hellfire yesterday, they are not terribly concerned. the relative humidity has been high. they are not looking for too much in the wake of fires' spreading. 24 mi. per hour winds being recorded in fairfield. this is a snapshot, we have seen temperatures go high and low. guests have been pretty high. pretty dangerous winds out there. the most
5:19 am
dangerous winds are above the thousand feet. half sets >>james: moses here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. third monday-
5:20 am
wednesday looks sunny with mild temperatures. a pretty stable forecast going forward. third >>erica: drive with caution and keith old hands on the steering wheel. apply that same advice for your ride across the san mateo bridge. third traffic is building on the right-hand side of the screen. the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 it is affected by the strong wind
5:21 am
advisory. the camera is shaking the traffic is pretty light coming out of marin county experienced on our traffic mabs, we have breaking news, a to a large apartment fire. more information on that coming up. >>darya: off new details this morning in the hit and run case that left a firefighter in critical condition. he was run over by someone driving in suv on thing skidding. san francisco police have arrested the man that they saith was seen in these surveillance shots. third he was arrested in south san francisco in his home on tuesday after police recognize his face in this
5:22 am
surveillance video. third year is the suv that was involved in the hit and run. they're still looking for the vehicle. barbel for remains in critical condition. he is a seasonal firefighter earth. >>mark: the jury is deliberating in a civil trial of johannes mehserle and four other bart officers. kenneth carothers says he was kicked, punched and of life by bart police officers at the oakland airport coliseum station in 2008. the officers say that carothers physically threatened him. after being treated at a hospital, carothers spent two nights in jail and charged with threatening an officer and
5:23 am
existing arrest. the charge was dismissed and to be resisting arrest and charge thaw was dropped. more in a couple of minutes. the wind is our big story today, causing scattered outages. pg&e is working on that. the wind is howling around the bay area. here is a shot at the james lick. a very clear morning, we will be right back.
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>>mark: of the herman cain says he will decide in the
5:27 am
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>>mark: the very strong winds around the bay area. here is a live look from san jose. the camera is shaking violently. >>darya: this is seriously crazy wind. it is making a lot of noise. third
5:31 am
>>james: if you look at the
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
the caldecott tunnel. the east shore freeway is moving pretty well. in the bay area, the wind year it has been. jackie sissel is live with conditions in the oakland hills. >>jackie: i am in the oakland hills. i am not feeling much in the way of heavy winds. it is a constant breeze. around the bay area, at these higher elevations are really seeing the wince. across the richmond, san rafael bridge, there were high winds. >>mark: james fletcher has another update on the weather, we are watching the wind and power outages. >>darya: yes, let's take a look at the latest numbers we have on who is still
5:36 am
waiting for power to be restored. it looks like about 200 customers on the peninsula have no power. east bay pg&e is working on small hundred power outages. 145 customers in the north bay. in san francisco, all of the lights are on. they are hoping to have power restored by 8:00 a.m.. >>mark: another developing story we are following, occupy sentences the members are bracing for an 8:00 deadline to pack up their tents and leave justin herman plaza. city leaders are proposing a protesters moved to an empty school building in the mission district which would give them a parking lot for their tents, a classroom for meetings and to disarm bathrooms. protesters declined. and we will keep watching the situation from justin herman plaza and to bring you any updates. >>mark: the csu board of
5:37 am
trustees has canceled a committee meeting because of safety concerns. officials say that the decision was reached after protesters clashed with police outside of the csu board meeting earlier this month. herbert carter said the building entrance is still being repaired after being damaged by protestors. they will be waiting until the next scheduled meeting at the end of january. >>justine: we are just getting information of the wires, new unemployment figures. we are hearing that more people did seek unemployment aid for the second straight week. this is being considered a sign that the job market remains weak. the labor department says the weekly applications for unemployment went up by about 6000. we will keep you updated right here on the kron4 morning news. >>darya: clorox agreed to pay nearly $200,000 to settle a lawsuit that
5:38 am
alleged it shortchanged customers but only filling the specialty bleach bottles to 80 percent of their capacity. they did not give you a full bottle. several bay area counties joined alameda county in bringing this consumer protection action against the oakland base company. clorox officials say that clorox cooperated fully off with district attorneys from each county in resolving the investigation. they did not admit liability. 5:37 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. the big story is the howling wind that you might hear, hear is a shot at since francisco. it is extremely clear and not that cold. the wind is still gusting and some people are without power. we will be right back. it's
5:39 am
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5:42 am
>>darya: and james capoot was gunned down during an intense bidding brought personal friend and family were there and they all spoke including the daughter of capoot, he was the hon. officer: in family man. in danville lance corporal josh fataal kuralt was escorted by a contingent of marines, hundreds of mourners filled the east bay fellowship church to pay their respects to the marine. he was just 19 years old and killed during combat operations in afghanistan. >>mark: the public is invited to pay their respects to sean walsh. the national guard specialists
5:43 am
died in afghanistan on november 16th and was a part of the military police. his tour in afghanistan was almost over. he had less than one month before his unit was scheduled to return home. his funeral is set for this saturday. >>darya: 5:42 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. there, you can see how gusty the wind is. we are back with full team coverage and a couple of minutes.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
>>darya: a developing story out of san francisco, some roads are closed after a fire broke out early this morning. yoli aceves is live with details. what is going on right now? >>yoli: the fire is control. four people were taken to hospital. the
5:47 am
original assessment is that he is in critical condition. we still do not know if that is the situation. there are minor injuries with the other three people. at this point, they're going through their ended making sure that all of the hot spots are out.
5:48 am
>>yoli: they were able to get the fire under control and is now out. >>darya: are these apartments? how many floors are they? >>yoli: is right here on the corner of bartlett in the 24th street. about 24-30 people live in these apartment buildings. in one apartment building there were about five people in that unit. there could easily be six units, something like that. >>darya: you were saying that other people were displaced, i see this guy who seems to be on bothered, he has been looking at what has been going on.
5:49 am
>>yoli: i have not been able to talk with the fire chief, they have kept as a back. we are just not able to get closer to the situation but that is always a concern. >>darya: three-four people were injured, she said that one was taken to hospital. we will keep our eyes on the condition of that victim. >>mark: let's get an update on the strong winds. james fletcher has the latest on the forecast. >>james: this is the view from the golden gate bridge. look at the direction the winds are coming from, the north. in a nutshell we're looking for a clear but windy morning. this afternoon, sunday but the wind gusts will stay with us. the wins will come down a little bit but they could very well stick with us into friday. we could have windy
5:50 am
conditions into friday. that is what the weather looks like in a nutshell. sfo, a 22 mi. per hour winds. these are state--sustained winds. look for when gusts anywhere from 50-70 mi. per hour. if you are driving the wind gusts could actually move your car without any warning. the national weather service has canceled a wind advisories for the north bay valleys, those protected valley to the north. anyone in the north bay, you will be dealing
5:51 am
with strong winds. things will stay windy as we had to the evening hours. >>erica: a strong wind advisory in effect for most bay area bridges. we have been problem free throughout the morning. still under a
5:52 am
strong wind advisory. taillights towards foster city heading eastbound into hayward into the golden gate bridge, we have a camera shot coming out of the north bay. traffic is definitely moving at the limit. on the traffic mabs, the peninsula freeways are looking pretty good. its costs as we take a gander at 280, we are accident free and stall free. if you are taking the dumbarton this morning, we have a strong wind advisory issued for that particular bridge but fortunately there are no slowdowns to report. >>mark: the band starts today for kids to ways in
5:53 am
the fast-food meals. starting today at mcdonald's you will have to date 105 for the extra toy. mcdonald's will be using the money to build a ronald mcdonald house at the ucsf medical center at mission bay. turkey has not decided what to do with their extra proceeds. >>darya: potential college students have received a letter in the mail from penn state that says a pleased to continue--please continue to consider joining, that comes after sandusky faces charges of raping young boys over a 15 year period of time. the penn state held a town hall meeting yesterday saying that the university will raise the visibility of ethics to a new levy a-just to a new level amid the sex
5:54 am
scandal. >>mark: we are continuing to watch windy conditions around the bay area. send us your weather pictures. we will post a month facebook and show them on the air. we will be right back.
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